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Name: Bobbi Beatty
Date: 08/21/12
Message: I too am disappointed in the 2013 season and am uncertain if we will renew our season tickets. While I understand the importance of budgeting and the need for changes, having so few shows which have been done so recently is not attractive to us.

Name: Dina Dow
Date: 08/09/12
Message: Just received the disappointing message about your 2013 season. For the first time in over 10 yrs. I will not be renewing my season subscription. Your choice of shows does not appeal.

Name: Lucy Brady lucyart2@yahoo.com
Date: 06/14/12
Message: I attended a performance of Illyria last week and LOVED it! I've recommended it to friends and one has seen it already and loved it as well. Keep up the good work!

Name: Brent Bailey
Date: 06/02/12
Message: Interested in the plays, but cannot tell where the theater/venue is from this site. Somewhere in GA?

Name: The Montgomery Academy
Date: 10/27/11
Message: On October 27 we experienced a beautiful play powerfully acted. We were basically the only people in attendance, but the actors performed their hearts out. Everything about the performance--from the staging to the acting to the directing--was world class. The play's last moment was a compelling example of live drama's ability to invest words on a page with the breath of life. If drama's ultimate goal is to put a lump in the throat and mist in the eye, you're masters of your craft. Thank you for a fine day (and special thanks to the kind support staff who showed no irritation but only kindness when we arrived fifteen minutes late).

Name: Cindy Pergo Erni
Date: 10/23/11
Message: Just saw The Glass Menagerie. It was great what a wonderful experience.

Name: The Putnal family
Date: 09/23/11
Message: Woohoo, way to go GS and all its friends and fans! My family love the GS productions. We have brought our teenage son to many of them, I have never seen him laugh so hard as he did for "Midsummer Nights Dream". He loved "Noises Off" this year also. We generally attend Sunday matinee shows, we love picnicking on the patio. For "MacHomer" we brought pizza and doughnuts, with "Duff Beer" for our beverage. I couldn't imagine not having GS in our lives, we are proud to support you as part of our community.

Name: Kat Reynolds
Date: 09/14/11
Message: I whole heartedly appreciate the Board's and Richard's words. Georgia Shakespeare is an Atlanta institution and cannot be shut down! I plan on supporting the theatre as long as I can. You are some of my greatest memories from Atlanta!

Name: SandiLynn
Date: 07/29/11
Message: Noises Off...AMAZING!!! We haven't laughed this much in a long time. Thank you to the director, cast, and crew for a fun-filled evening! I am ordering tickets to see it again! Georgia Shakespeare...We love you!!

Name: Ivan Bailey
Date: 07/18/11
Message: At first my granddaughter(7)said she didn't want to see the Jungle Book, because she had the book and DVD.After seeing it Saturday she said to her mom" You can give away the book and the movie because the play was much better." And I enjoyed it as much as she did.

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